Why might you want to wear handmade shoes?

Handmade shoes offer you more choice than mass produced footwear. You can choose both the style and material, as well as the colour of your shoes. The shoes that you order will be specially made for you, by skilled craftspeople who take pride in the quality their work.

Unlike many mass produced shoes, handmade shoes will gain in beauty and character as they age, and because they are resoleable they will last longer.

From an ethical point of view,Guat Shoes offer an alternative to conventional footwear because:

  • Leather and other components are sourced from the UK whenever possible.
  • Guat Shoes shoes can be resoled - at least once, often several times, thus reducing the materials used for your footwear.
  • You can have your footwear made entirely in Vegan materials if you wish
  • Because we cut out the uppers and other components individually by hand, rather than by machine, we minimise waste.
  • We employ skilled local people to design, make, and sell the shoes.
  • If you wear hand made shoes you are supporting local industry, and taking one more step in avoiding multinationals.

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